Contact after adoption – RiP

Wow – Research in Practice have put together a fabulous range of resources. Do visit the RiP website and encourage others to visit. The resources will be of great support to practitioners working on making positive post-adoption contact plans and supporting birth relatives and adopters through contact planning for their child.

The materials bring together knowledge from research and practice – drawing on research by Professor Beth Neil at University of East Anglia. Research in Practice has worked with Beth and practitioners across England to share expertise and produce accessible and practical resources for professionals involved in this work.

Thank you Research in Practice and University of East Anglia for these terrific resources.

RiP’s website covers the following topics:

For each topic RiP have provided a mixture of research briefings, practice guides, presentations, exercises and practical tools for working with families.

A number of case studies and film clips of interviews with children and their families are included – great for training and learning as well as standalone resources for individual or team learning.

Some key documents via UEA website

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