ADCS and Cafcass Agreement

A recent briefing by the Signis Group reports that that the new agreement launched by ADCS and Cafcass in February 2017 (made with regard to Public Law Outline Pre-proceedings and care proceedings and with implications for IROs), ‘is not being taken forward at this time’.

In March 2017 the Association of Lawyers for Children expressed ‘deep concern’ about the agreement:

by entering into the agreement, Cafcass is losing sight of the importance of the independent role of the Children’s Guardian in public law proceedings.

Read: Behind Closed Doors: Diluting the Guardian’s Independence, Circumventing the Role of the Court

We will be making further enquiries and hope to advise further on the status of the agreement.

Related news

New Cafcass Guidance on the Use of Professional Time

With effect from 1 July 2017 new Cafcass Guidance on the use of professional time to benefit children applies to all public and private law children’s cases.

The guidance applies to all public and private law children cases and has been issued with the approval and support of the President of the Family Division in response to a time of record levels of demand for the services of Cafcass and Cafcass Cymru.

Family Law Week have published an interesting piece by Gabrielle Jan Posner, Barrister and Recorder, Trinity Chambers Chelmsford, which considers Cafcass’s response to the record levels of demand for its services.

Read at Source: Family Law Week

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