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Children and Social Work Act 2017

The Children and Social Work Act 2017 (the Act) is intended to improve support for looked after children and care leavers, promote the welfare and safeguarding of children, and make provisions about the regulation of social workers.

The Act sets out corporate parenting principles for the council as a whole to be the best parent it can be to children in its care: largely a collation of existing duties local authorities have towards looked after children and those leaving care.

Local authorities will be required to publish their support offer to care leavers and to promote the educational attainment of children who have been adopted or placed in other longterm arrangements.

The legislation extends the current considerations of the court when making decisions about the longterm placement of children to include an assessment of current and future needs and of any relationship with the prospective adopter.

Read at source more about the key provisions and their implications for local government: Get in on the Act – Children and Social Work Act 2017

2 thoughts on “Get in on the Act …

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    “There are rules and reasons for the rules” as D. Kennedy said. “Legal reasoning refers to interpretative fidelity of judges who are bound by the legal formulation of the right; the duty to be faithful to it in their interpretation and application; this duty is counterbalanced so to speak by legislative duty, which is appealing to the political values of the community.” (A Critique of Adjudication‟ 1997).


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