Flipping the narrative — Alex Fox

An essay by Alex Fox for NPC’s series on the future of not for profits: Flipping the narrative: Essays on transformation from the sector’s boldest voices

This interesting read starts like this:

For years, charities and social enterprises that deliver support services have been told to emulate the private sector: to become more efficient and bigger through growth and mergers. We increasingly use the language of customer service, […]

Stark reality is that the future for many charities is in the balance. The pressures of successive governments to ‘get tough’ have influenced how charities must now operate.

Charities are encouraged to model themselves on business: valuing competition, growth and professionalisation – these attributes supposedly being the route to having the most impact on people’s lives.

Alex provides a compelling argument that the charity sector must look to its own unique strengths and assets to improve the lives of the people and causes it serves. This means involving and empowering users in service design, building social value, and thinking innovatively and creatively about tackling complex social issues.

The expertise and knowledge of small charities needs to be used to help shape and deliver public services:

With the pressure to adopt new identities, less funding, growing scepticism and declining trust, what does the future hold for charitable organisations? One thing is certain. The demand for help and the need to create a voice amidst the government silence around exploitation and social injustice will not go away.

Developing a new ‘civic consciousness’ through which we can trigger ‘agreement’ emotions about those currently seen as outsiders is crucial.

A good, interesting read – please read the full piece at source: Flipping the narrative — Alex Fox’s Blog

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