We need a common-sense approach to keeping children in care out of custody

By Ben Ashcroft | Source: Community Care | August 8, 2017 in Children | Twitter: @AshcroftBen 

Great piece – here Ben Ashcroft looks at the criminalisation of children in care, and what common-sense approaches could be used to help avoid it:

Periodically, the issue of ‘the criminalisation of children in care’ arises.

In Sir Martin Narey’s review of residential child care in England he rightly explains that this is a complex issue and that some instances have been misunderstood, misreported or are simply apocryphal. Yet it still worries me that so many children from residential and foster care end up in custody or secure establishments.

I think having children arrested and convicted should be the very last resort and there is literally no other option left. There are a, proportionately, very small number of very serious incidents (crimes) that can’t and shouldn’t be dealt with ‘in house’ by staff or carers.

Mistakes made as a child can have a negative long-term impact and consequences that can determine the rest of that child’s life. It can wreck futures, careers and people’s health. Often, these relatively minor crimes can adversely determine the willingness of others to give these children a chance or working opportunity in the future.

Read full piece at source: We need a common-sense approach to keeping children in care out of custody

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