Child refugees – section 20? Care proceedings? Either? – @suesspiciousminds

This is a helpful piece for IROs to consider – it provides good guidance as to the workings out of the pros and cons of whether to go s20 or care proceedings AND confirms that both are valid options and that neither are the default option to be followed.

Source: @suesspiciousminds

This is a case in which Mr Justice Peter Jackson was asked to decide whether to make a Care Order for two children aged 9 and 10 who had come to England as refugees from Afghanistan due to actions of the Taliban in their own country. The Judge was also asked to give indications as […]

Read: Child refugees – section 20? Care proceedings? Either? – suesspiciousminds

One thought on “Child refugees – section 20? Care proceedings? Either? – @suesspiciousminds

  1. Interesting article and conclusions from the judge, however, the comment that ‘children [subject to a care order] would be entitled to leaving care legislation and support; fourthly, they would be entitled again to looked after reviews’ carried the inference that children looked after under section 20 would not be and this is incorrect. Looked after children are entitled to both the above regardless of legal status.


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