Call to action #nobinbags

This post was originally published September 2016. However a recent piece by the Guardian suggests that some children are still arriving in emergency care placements with their belongings in bin bags.

As far as we know, this is not common practice but one instance is an instance too many. We cannot change past practice but we can work together to change future practice.

More information and contact details for NIROMP’s regional networks: here 

NIROMP would like to know about any future instances of this please.

Originally published by Community Care on 27th September 2016.

Personal experience of emergency placements inspired one social worker’s campaign for ‘no bin bags’ when young people are moved:

‘For many years before I qualified as a social worker, I considered myself an ambassador for looked-after young people and care leavers. Then, as now, I always tried to ensure that children’s voices were heard and that service users were receiving good practice.

A key issue I tried to promote during my time working in children’s residential care was a ‘no bin bags’ policy for looked-after young people when they move placements. Now, in my role as a social worker I am very conscious that using bin bags when children and young people move is simply unacceptable and try to persuade colleagues to view it the same way’.

Read full article at source: Why social workers should keep a suitcase in their car

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