Care leavers – Front and centre in new inspections

It’s National Care Leavers week (25 October – 03 November), a great campaign that quite rightly focuses the attention of professionals and politicians on this important group of young people.

It’s timely then that we talk about what matters most to care leavers, and how this fits into what we’re doing at Ofsted.

Young people on the cusp of leaving care, or having already left, face many unique challenges. Unlike the average teenager who can rely on a parent to help them, they have to navigate their way into adulthood and all that entails – access to housing, education and health services – largely without one central person who knows their goals, wishes and worries.

The very best local authorities keep sight of care leavers’ needs at all times, and provide this support in a well-planned, co-ordinated way.

Ofsted’s single inspection framework (SIF) had a sharp focus on care leavers, something young people have given us really positive feedback about. I’d like to reassure care leavers, and those who work with them, that this remains a fundamental part of our new local authority inspections too, which will begin in the New Year.

What will Ofsted be looking at? Read the full piece at source: Care leavers – Front and centre in new inspections

Note: the featured image was not part of the original piece.

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