Developments in practice

Cardiff University researchers to drive improvements in social care sector

Originally published 16 November 2017

Cardiff University has been chosen as the research partner in a £4.85m initiative to help improve the lives of children who are at risk of abuse or neglect.

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Implementing Systemic Models of Social Work

‘Sustainable change requires bold and ambitious leadership and practice at all levels, not just a few dynamic individuals. A comprehensive approach to culture and skills building engages the whole workforce in developing capabilities’.

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Children’s Social Care – Innovation Programme Final evaluation report

‘Efficacy of systemic SW needs to be reflected in national policy re: professional standards, training & inspection’. Emerging evidence base on practice system design principles to support children and families to be tested further in Wave 2.

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Knowledge and skills statements for child and family social work

Assessment and accreditation criteria for social workers supporting vulnerable children and families.

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