Featured Job Vacancies: Independent Reviewing Officer – Coventry City Council

Job Number: B&H02433

Contract Type: Full-time permanent

Job details: Job Description and Person Specification – word

Salary: £41,025 – £46,257 per annum

Closing Date: 30 Apr 2018

Advert introduction

Coventry City Council are looking to recruit Independent Reviewing Officers to play a crucial role in promoting best outcomes for Children Looked After (including Short Breaks) and those subject to Child Protection Plans; ensuring that their plans meet the highest standards and are implemented effectively.
Coventry have 2 posts (1 FTE and 1 30 hour post)

You will be joining the team at a time of exciting change and redesign. Independent Reviewing Officers are developing working practices (using the Signs Of Safety model) that vigorously challenges drift and delay in planning for children and ensures that communication with other professionals and partner agencies is both robust and consistent.

Currently, Coventry have two distinct services for Looked After Child and Child Protection but there is work currently underway to review this and consider more of a dual role moving forward.

Read more at source including how to apply: Independent Reviewing Officer – Coventry City Council

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