A brilliant new online resource for children and young people

A brilliant new online resource  Rights4children has been launched by Article 39. Please share and help publicise this brilliant new resource for children and young people! 

Called rights4children, the site is packed with information about children’s rights, on topics important to them. It has drawn on the expert advise of children and young people (see Roll of honour ). The site contains real life stories about adults who got through tough times as children. A quick and easy A – Z search facility can help children and young people find a whole range of content that may be important to them including where to get help for children who are in care or leaving care.

Click here to go to the site: Rights4children

For easy reference, a link to the Rights4Children website can also be found in the side panel of this website.

A big THANK YOU! to Article 39 and to all the children, young people and care experienced adults who helped create this brilliant resource. Please help publicise it. 

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