The worsening financial situation in children’s services

Stuart Gallimore, ADCS President,  is calling for more funding for children’s services or a “statement of intent” from government that more will be coming …

ADCS president Stuart Gallimore told CYP Now he has been left frustrated by a lack of action by government to address the mounting financial crisis facing children’s social care.

Gallimore is calling on the government to increase children’s social care funding or at the very least put forward “a statement of intent” that extra money will soon be available. This would ensure councils can carry on committing to funding early support, he adds.

Read the full piece at source: ADCS chief: Cuts to early help services ‘inevitable’

3 thoughts on “The worsening financial situation in children’s services

  1. Hello,

    At our last team meeting I was asked to enquire with yourselves whether NIROMP provides Legal Advice in respect of children we are working with, to IRO’s who are members of the organization.

    I wonder whether you could provide any information? I have searched on the website but couldn’t find anything, which suggests that NIROMP doesn’t, but I wanted to ask just in case.

    Much appreciated,

    Independent Conference Chair


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