The state of children’s social care in England

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Children’s (APPGC) first Inquiry report into the state of children’s social care in England, No Good Options (March 2017), shone a light on a struggling system. The Inquiry also found that approaches to policy and practice varied across the country, with children, young people and families receiving different levels of support and care in different areas.

The APPGC wanted to explore these findings further to assess which thresholds for accessing services varied across the country and whether thresholds are indeed rising across the whole system.

The Inquiry also sought to gather evidence on what factors may underlie these patterns and trends, and what impact they are having on children and families.

For a summary of the key findings please read at source: APPG ‘Storing Up Trouble’ Executive Summary 

For further information about the APPG Enquiry visit: National Children’s Bureau website

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