Born into care

This latest report by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory ‘Born into care: Newborns in care proceedings in England’, summary report October 2018 is a must read for all IROs.

The report was funded by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory and written by a team of academics, using data provided by CAFCASS, the children and family court advisory and support service.

It was led by Professor Karen Broadhurst at Lancaster University, who first highlighted the dramatic rise in newborns taken into care in 2015.

The study found the likelihood (incidence) of newborns in the general population becoming subject to care proceedings has more than doubled, increasing from 15 newborns per 10,000 live births in the general population in 2008 to 35 per 10,000 in 2016.

Download PDF report: Download ‘Born into care’ executive summary


Professor Karen Broadhurst, Dr Bachar Alrouh & Claire Mason, Centre for Child and Family Justice Research, Lancaster University

Professor Harriet Ward & Dr Lisa Holmes, The Rees Centre, Oxford University

Mary Ryan & Dr Susannah Bowyer, Research in Practice, Dartington Hall

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