The Untold, Fighting for My Niece | BBC radio 4

Please listen to this BBC Radio 4 piece. It concerns 38 year old entrepreneur Simon who is fighting to become his teenage niece’s legal guardian after she was placed in care. Until last year, Simon was a highly successful businessman with a city lifestyle to match. Then his business went under – and with it his sense of purpose in life. At around the same time his 13 year old niece was placed into local authority care because of her mother’s drug use. Simon resolves to get his niece out of care and become her legal guardian – but it involves a fraught legal process and a massive life change.

Listen now: The Untold, Fighting For My Niece | BBC Radio 4

One thought on “The Untold, Fighting for My Niece | BBC radio 4

  1. You are only geo half the story here. The uncle will have been approved kinship carer under Reg 24. He will have been getting a fostering alliance and his own social worker from the fostering service. There has to be a full fostering assessment within 16 weeks of the initial approval which is scrutinised by the fostering panel . It would be the fostering services Responsibility to discuss his support needs. I would be very suprisef if this did not happen.


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