Transforming children’s services inquiry #cep

This takes a bit of reading – you’ll need to set some time aside.

If you’re really invested in transforming children’s services for children in care and care leavers – and inevitably we expect so, then you’ll devote the time necessary to read about and involve yourself in conversation about the divergent perspectives discussed as part of this inquiry. 

And in considering the divergence of views set out as part of this important inquiry, we ask that you give particular thought to how the voices of children and individuals who are care experienced (children, young people and adults) are represented as part of thinking about the impact and effectiveness of national policy.

We simply pose the question and offer no comment but very much welcome yours. Please submit a comment. We will not publish your name or role. 

Read at source the scope of the inquiry:

Following on from its 2016 Child Protection Services report which drew similar conclusions around rising demand and variation between authorities, the Public Accounts Committee questioned officials from the Department for Education and the Government’s Chief Social Worker for Children and Families, Isabelle Trower, on 4 February about the current pressures on children’s social care. Examining the Department’s understanding of demand and local variation, the Committee is investigating how it plans to achieve its programme of reform by 2022.

Read at source -transforming children’s services – oral evidence:

  • 04 Feb 2019 – Transforming children’s services – oral evidence | PDF version (314 KB) Opens in a new windowHC 1741 | Published 05 Feb 2019Evidence given by Lucy Butler, Director of Children’s Services, Oxfordshire County Council, Cath McEvoy-Carr, Exceutive Director of Adult Social Care and Children’s Services, and Cathy Ashley, CEO, Family Rights Group; Jonathan Slater, Permanent Secretary, Indra Morris, Director General, Social Care, Mobility and Equalities, Department for Education, and Isabelle Trowler, Chief Social Worker for Children and Families, Department for Education (at 5.00pm).

Download: Written evidence submitted by Professor Paul Bywaters, Centre for Applied Childhood, Youth and Family Research, University of Huddersfield

Written evidence

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