Building a workforce that works for all children | ADCS

ADCS has published a new position paper ‘Building a workforce that works for all children’. To achieve a country that works for all children, we must have a strong and fully resourced workforce:

The government continues to invest in new routes into social work and to progress a programme of social work reform. While efforts to elevate the status and celebrate the successes of social work are welcome, this has largely been at the expense of the wider workforce, which has borne the brunt of a decade of austerity. This is not an effective model for supporting children and families who we know benefit most from receiving help at the earliest possible opportunity. However, the children’s workforce currently operates in a siloed context at the national level as a multitude of government departments hold responsibility for different aspects of children’s services policy.

Download to read the full paper at source: Building a workforce that works for all children

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