Building a workforce that works for all children | ADCS

ADCS has published a new position paper 'Building a workforce that works for all children'. To achieve a country that works for all children, we must have a strong and fully resourced workforce: The government continues to invest in new routes into social work and to progress a programme of social work reform. While efforts... Continue Reading →

Latest research released by Dartington Design Lab – Are services meeting the needs of children? #Dartington3Circles

Source: Dartington Service Design Lab Published: February 2019 Matching Children’s Needs and Services: A Case of Three Circles Are services meeting the needs of children? Dartington's new report: Matching Children’s Needs and Services: A Case of Three Circles draws on a decade of data from 38,000 children and families to answer two fundamental questions: How much... Continue Reading →

‘Correct me if I’m wrong but this doesn’t sound like a country that works for all children.’ – @stuartdcs

#ADCS President comments on new analysis by national children's charities on funding for children's services: “While some local authorities have benefitted from small, time limited pots of ring fenced funding this is neither a sustainable nor an equitable way forward. It does nothing to meet the needs of the system as a whole. Government must... Continue Reading →

Funding of local authorities’ children’s services inquiry

The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee are examining funding for local authorities' children's services. They want to hear from professionals such as IROs and social workers who work for or with children's services. Scope of the inquiry The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee has launched a new inquiry into funding of local authorities’ children’s... Continue Reading →

Obsession with local variations is a distraction | Children England

Children England charity response to the NAO report "Pressures on Children's Social Care" by Chloe Darlington, Children England, 23rd January 2019: We welcome the confirmation from the National Audit Office that, in the face of huge financial pressures, local authorities have been forced to close non-statutory services in order to protect statutory services. We are also... Continue Reading →

Ofsted warns against ‘false economy’ of cuts to preventive services loading pressures onto social care | Community Care

Cuts by local authority funding are already impacting on children’s services, Ofsted has said. Ofsted’s national director for social care, Yvette Stanley, told Community Care that while most local areas are managing to make savings without compromising frontline services, “we are seeing resources reduced in terms of the whole continuum of early help and prevention... Continue Reading →

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