Children’s reviews – children’s feelings about children in care reviews in school

Courtney, Adam, Chelsea, Jake, Conner and Kayley are a group of young people with care experience. They recently got in touch with the former Children’s Minister regarding a video they have made about having their children in care reviews in school.

Please watch their fantastic video and do share it with colleagues. Click here to view via Youtube’s website.

The video was made as part of Affinity Fostering young people’s ‘Voices group’ and with support from Become as part of their Passport to Parliament programme. This excellent programme supports groups of care-experienced young people to create change in the systems around them.

The issues are also set out in a letter written by the (now former), Children’s Minister and shared with NIROMP. The letter is being circulated to IROs via NIROMP’s regional leads and any IRO who has not received a copy should please get in touch via this website.

NIROMP are linking with Become and with Affinity Fostering about what else we can do to support the important messages from the video.

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