NIROMP: Nominations for National IRO Advisory Group

Call for an IRO Advisory Group – get your nominations in!

We are looking to set up a national IRO Advisory Group, to provide an important link between IROs and NIROMP (the National IRO Managers Partnership), in order to strengthen the IRO identity and ensure that the voices of IROs inform the development of policy and practice nationally.

NIROMP is a group made up of managers of IRO teams and services, with two elected representatives drawn from each of the nine government regions within England. They represent their region at a national level and work closely with government departments to advise on statutory guidance, policy and practice. We would like the voices of IROs to contribute in a formal way to our work.

Our mission is to help bring about improvements in practice and policy. We believe a high quality IRO service is essential for the safeguarding, care and healthy development of looked after children. Holding children at the centre of what we do through our work with and for them, we aim to lead and promote excellent care and services.

As members of NIROMP, we have been tasked with setting up this new group and are planning for the first meeting to take place on 10th September 2020. This initial meeting will be a remote meeting, with the nature and frequency of further meetings to be determined by the group itself, but with a minimum of four meetings each year.

A number of the regions have an established IRO practitioners’ group. The principle of the national IRO Advisory Group is that the regional practitioners’ groups should be represented nationally and should contribute to the national voice of IROs.

We are therefore inviting each of the regions to nominate two IROs to represent their region at the first meeting of the national IRO Advisory Group. We feel that it is important for each region to decide how best to identify how the two representatives are chosen, but we would suggest that those regions with an established IRO practitioners’ group, should nominate from the members of this group. The two representatives from each region should not work in the same local authority.

We are asking that NIROMP Regional Leads circulate this information within their respective regions and provide two IRO nominations to the members of the steering group by 3 July 2020.


This work is being led by the following steering group leads:

  • Tricia Hunte                      
  • Amanda Checkley           
  • Ian Bowden                       

contact the steering group

Submit an enquiry via the online form below and a member of the steering group will get in touch.

Regional Leads

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