No More Exclusions @NExlusions

No More Exclusions (NME) is an abolitionist grassroots coalition movement in education. Their mission is to bring about an end to the persistent race-disparities in school exclusions in the next five years and to affect change at legal, policy, practice and cultural level in education and society as a whole over the next ten years. We want an education system that works for all.

They have published a report looking at school exclusions during the coronavirus pandemic. Findings from Freedom of Information (FOI) request responses from 34 secondary schools and 39 primary schools in England show that: 13,268 exclusions were issued between September 2019 and November 2020; and findings supported existing evidence that children from marginalised backgrounds are more likely to be excluded.

Our preliminary findings suggest that, as feared, exclusions are being used to manage the additional pressures, turbulence and trauma of the pandemic and its impact on children and young people in ways that are truly worrying.

– No More Exclusions

Read the report: School exclusions during the pandemic: why we need a moratorium (PDF)

Download at source the ‘No More Exclusions’ guide for parents and carers: HERE

Download: An extreme manifestation of the system: the link between school exclusions and mental health

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