NIROMP Community of Practice: Safeguarding Pressures 2021

This Community of Practice (CoP) session was hosted by NIROMP chair, Sharon Martin in July 2021. We are very thankful to our Guest Speaker Carole Brooks.

NIROMP provides a rolling programme of Community of Practice sessions for Independent Reviewing Officers (IROs) and their Managers.

You can watch a video recording of the session below:

You can download the session outline: HERE

You can download the presentation slides: HERE

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About NIROMP Community of Practice

A range of free online CoP events for IROs will be provided during 2021.

CoP supports our strong emphasis on leadership by the community of IROs, learning from each other and sharing what works.

Our community brings together IROs and IRO leaders and managers with a range of experience, skills and subject matter expertise.

We believe in the power of collaboration and share a common goal to create positive change together with the aim of ultimately improving the lives of children and young people in care and adults with care experience.

About the National IRO Managers Partnership

NIROMP is a non-fee paying leadership group for Independent Reviewing Officers and IRO Managers. Visit our website: HERE

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continuance professional development

  • Join colleagues in sharing best practices and creating new knowledge to advance professional practice.
  • Hear from guest speakers and share learning from the latest initiatives and research.
  • Introduction to resources that will help you make effective use of guidance, tools and new insights relevant to your area of practice.
  • Opportunities to network and learn from others
  • Update your CPD.

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