We believe in the power of connection and collaboration and share a common goal to create positive change together.

Creating lasting support networks for children in care – the impact of the Lifelong Links approach 

Building not breaking relationships for children in care – exploring the positive impact of the Lifelong Links approach on children’s connections, identity and how settled they are in their foster or children’s home. 

Chaired by Sharon Martin, Chair, National IRO Managers Partnership (NIROMP) 


Sean Haresnape, Practice Lead for Family Group Conferences and Lifelong Links, Family Rights Group  

Pam Ledward, Principal Social Work Adviser and Lifelong Links UK Programme Director, Family Rights Group  

Dr Shirley Lewis, Rees Centre, University of Oxford 

Tendai Murowe, Head of Quality Assurance and Practice & Principal Social Worker, Hertfordshire Children’s Services 

Anne Baxter, Service Delivery Manager, IRO service. Leeds Children’s Services Eathan – young person with experience of Lifelong Links  

Becky Healy Lifelong Links Coordinator, Birmingham Children’s Trust 

Rachel Edwards Foster Carer Kent County Council 

Andrew Rist FGC and Lifelong Links Practice Adviser, Family Rights Group 


The 2013 Care Inquiry found that too often it was breaking relationships for children in care. Yet research showed that stability and support from family and community are the most important ingredients in young people making a successful transition to adulthood. 

In response the charity Family Rights Group has co-developed the Lifelong Links approach. To date more than 1400 children and young people in England, Scotland and Wales have benefited from Lifelong Links. The approach only happens with the child or young person’s agreement and at their pace. An evaluation of a three-year trial of Lifelong Links in England found Lifelong Links increases children’s connections, results in greater placement stability and improves children’s identity. 


Watch NIROMP’s video of this session at a time that works for you.

  • See a short animation explaining Lifelong Links 
  • Find out more about the Lifelong Links approach 
  • Hear the results of the Rees Centre, Oxford University evaluation of Lifelong Links in England 
  • Hear about Hertfordshire’s journey in implementing Lifelong Links 
  • Hear from a local authority IRO manager about how Lifelong Links benefits children and young people. 
  • Listen to a young person talk about their experience of Lifelong Links. 
  • Listen to a foster carer talk about their experience of Lifelong Links 

Power Point slides:

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We believe in the power of collaboration and share a common goal to create positive change together with the aim of ultimately improving the lives of children and young people in care and adults with care experience.

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