Surfacing child & family power in local authority children’s services

Join colleagues from the London Borough of Camden and further afield for a reflective morning exploring ways in which local authorities are surfacing and repositioning power of children and families in social work and family support practice, and how it’s helping children and families to flourish.

Sharon Martin, NIROMP chair said: “I was quick to register for this free event. I’m looking forward to a morning of reflection and invigorating conversations about how we can reposition the power of children and families in social work and family support practice to create the conditions for children, families and communities to flourish. I’ve secured my place. Be good to see you there – book your place if you can.”


What is surfacing power? Put simply, it asks us to re-imagine how we think about power. It acknowledges that children, families and communities have power already and that the way we think, feel and act in children’s services can lift that power to the surface.

Co-led by family members, this event will explore examples of Camden projects that have helped us to re-imagine sharing and surfacing power with children, families and their communities. There will be discussion circles with a range of local authorities sharing their experiences of doing this vital repositioning work. 

Workshops will give opportunity to dive deeper into the practice of surfacing power of children and families, explore the challenges and opportunities, and where this approach might go into the future.

More information and how to book your place: The Difference that Makes the Difference – Repositioning Power of Children and Families Through Distributed Leadership in Childrens Services

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