IRO response to SUDAN CRISIS

NIROMP chair, Sharon Martin said “We are deeply saddened to hear news of the state of emergency in the Sudan. Our thoughts are with the children, young people and families fearful for the lives of their loved ones.”

According to BBC News, the head of the Sovereign Council has given a speech announcing a state of emergency and dissolving both the cabinet and the council. The Prime Minister Hamdok has reportedly been detained by soldiers, along with several other ministers. Protesters have taken to the streets of the capital, Khartoum, and there are reports of fighting and gunfire. BBC News further reports that it appears that the state TV and radio headquarters have been taken over by the military and the internet has also been restricted. The internet is thought to be down, and army and paramilitary troops reportedly deployed across the city. According to BBC News, Khartoum airport is closed, and international flights reportedly suspended.

More information: Sudan coup: Military dissolves civilian government and arrests leaders

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