COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE – contextual safeguarding

Researchers at the Contextual Safeguarding research programme have recently finalised a three year project called Securing Safety, about the rate, cost and impact of out of area placements (relocations) as a response to extra-familial harm in adolescence. They will be speaking at NIROMP’s Community of Practice session in March 2022.

Hear from researchers and practitioners involved in the National and London Contextual Safeguarding Scale-Up project. IROs, their managers and child protection conference chairs are invited to register for our Community of Practice – Contextual Safeguarding session: HERE

More information about the Security Safety project can be found here.

As an output from the project the Contextual Safeguarding programme has published recommendations to Ofsted, DfE and to NIROMP:

Grateful thanks to the Contextual Safeguarding programme research team. More about the team here.

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