NIROMP Community of Practice – Case for Change Call for Ideas

This session is open to all independent reviewing officers (IROs) and those who manage them.

About this event

Dear IROs and managers of IROs,

Firstly thank you for your engagement with NIROMP’s Communities of Practice. We have some important sessions lined up in the next few weeks. These sessions will focus on the Independent Review of Children’s social Care – Call for Ideas.

The review has had hundreds of submissions from individuals and organisations since the review was announced in January 2021. And combined with the hundreds of meetings with thousands of people these submissions have helped to make the review stronger.

NIROMP will be contributing again and would like to invite you to join us in collectively agreeing the key ideas we want to submit to the review’s Call for Ideas.

Important background reading:

Register your place:

22nd November, 9.30 – 12.00 Registration via Eventbrite: HERE

22nd November, 1.30 – 4.00 Registration via Eventbrite: HERE

7th December, 9.30 – 12.00 Registration via Eventbrite: HERE

This is our opportunity to share your ideas for change as the Care Review Team are now at the stage where they are starting to generate ideas ahead of formulating the review’s final recommendations next spring. So, please make every effort to join us.

Ideas submitted through the Call for Ideas will be considered alongside the suggestions captured through engagement with children, young people, IROs and others who have lived and professional experience of children’s social care.

Ideas could range from those which make transformational changes to the way the children’s social care system operates, or might be something very specific to children in care services including IRO practice. We could include ideas that could be actioned immediately or a change which will take a number of years to deliver.

We are keen to keep the response pithy and focused on promoting change that results in better outcomes for children, young people and families. Through the setting out of ideas we will also need to be clear about:

• What will change as a result of our idea(s)?

• Who will be affected if our idea(s) are implemented?

• Any challenges or risks associated with implementing our idea(s)?

Our ideas and solutions need to be boiled down to their essence with the result being a pithy lift pitch. We will want to summarise our submission to a pitch of around 250 words.

The Call for Ideas will close at 5pm on 15th December 2021

So, please join us in one or more of the sessions on offer and encourage your IRO colleagues to join too.

Thanks again for your previous engagement with the review, we look forward to hearing your ideas!

Sharon Martin, chair NIROMP

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