Source: Child Abuse Review. Authors: Helen Richardson FosterChristine BarterNicky StanleyHarriet Churchill First published: 19 August 2021

How Child-Focused are ChildProtection Conferences? @HRFoster & colleagues present findings from a qualitative study of Child Protection Conferences in 2 areas in England. The study explored the extent to which conferences are child-focused events.


Child protection conferences (CPCs) are multiagency meetings that are central to child protection procedures in the UK. They bring together practitioners, parents and children to consider whether a child has experienced significant harm and, if so, what action is required to protect him or her in future. This article presents findings from a qualitative study of CPCs in two areas in central England which explored the extent to which conferences are ‘child-focused’ events. Data were gathered from audio recordings and documentary analysis of 14 initial and review conferences, 15 interviews with conference staff and six focus groups with 35 practitioners from a range of agencies. A four-part conceptualisation of child-focused practice was used to analyse practice in conferences. Children’s participation in CPCs was found to be low, and child-focused decision-making and planning were rarely achieved. The findings emphasise the importance of pre-conference work with children and families, and the central role of the conference chair. These findings are compared to those of the landmark ‘studies in child protection’ research published by the Department of Health almost 26 years ago to determine if improvements in child protection conference practice have occurred.

‘Explore[s] the extent to which [child protection] conferences are ‘child-focused’ events’

Key Practitioner Messages:

– Making CPCs more child-focused requires greater support, preparation and planning from practitioners. In particular, mechanisms to facilitate children’s participation in conferences should be identified and used.

– While representation of children’s views is critical, in order for the conference to be child-focused, it must also consider the individual child’s experience, including their daily lived experience and needs and outcomes in reports for conference, CPC discussion and child protection planning – please state preference.

– The time allocated for planning and decision-making should be ring-fenced within the conference.

Download: How Child-Focused are Child Protection Conferences?

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