Date: 02.04.2022 Source: Department for Education Press release

Package of support for vulnerable families worth more than £1 billion will help every child gets the best possible start in life.

Funding for young people leaving social care will see several targeted support programmes continue for the next three years. These include:

  • £99.8 million for Staying Put Funding for local authorities will help care leavers stay with their foster families after they turn 18, potentially through to their 21st birthday. It means care leavers can continue to benefit from a stable and secure family setting, and prepare for independence at a more gradual pace, allowing them to lean on the supportive, nurturing family network.
  • £36 million for the Staying Close programme More care leavers will be supported to live near their former children’s home with support from a trusted adult – providing stability and a safety net into adulthood.
  • £36.4 million for Personal Advisors These advisors support care leavers up to age 25, helping them navigate services such as housing, health or benefits and providing practical or emotional support to help them prepare for the challenges of living independently.

Read full piece at source: Infants, children and families to benefit from boost in support

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