Ramadan Mubarak

Date: 02.04.22

Ramadan Mubarak to our Muslim communities, friends and colleagues celebrating this holy month.

Ramadan is the holiest month for Muslims around the world. Millions of Muslims will be fasting during this month.

This holy month is one of the biggest opportunities for IROs, foster carers, social workers, teachers and managers to show how they provide an inclusive culture; to show how cultural intelligence is put into action – showing how respectful, culturally sensitive care.

Sharon Martin, Chair – National IRO Managers Partnership (NIROMP)


These brilliant infographics on the use of inclusive language and behaviours during the month of Ramadam have been put together courtesy of Ash Ahmad.

For information about Ramadan fasting times 2022: UK timetable in full

Supporting muslim children in care

Kirklees couple’s fostering message during holy month of Ramadan below and read full story: HERE

“I came into fostering having previously worked in public health and as a children’s social worker, so it seemed like a natural progression. Throughout the assessment process, our social worker was so supportive and we actually found it to be quite therapeutic.

“We had considered fostering Muslim children only, so that we could help to meet their cultural and religious needs. But when children come into care, they come from all backgrounds and usually need to be placed with a foster family immediately.

“Also, Islam teaches us to help every human being regardless of their faith, ethnic background, colour or race. In Islam, fostering is considered a highly desirable practice, or Sunnah, and is equal to caring for an orphaned child – for us, it’s a blessing knowing that we are fulfilling a Sunnah.

“Over the years, we’ve fostered both Muslim and non-Muslim children – some of whom know us as “Uncle” and “Auntie”, as is customary among Asian and Muslim communities – and we feel this has been the best decision we made.

“We loved being parents to our own children, but looking after other people’s children, who have been through a lot of trauma and neglect, means there are inevitably additional challenges. As well as the support we’ve received from our social workers, our Islamic faith has given us the strength and courage we’ve needed to help the children overcome their past traumas.

“We once looked after a boy who, because of what he’d been through, was fearful of men. But after a lot of reassurance and spending quality time with him, his self-esteem increased and he was eventually able to overcome this fear.

“We strongly believe that if you put your heart into fostering and provide love and care for a child, you can receive it back only with goodness.”

Kaushar and Anisa Tai’s story 


Thank you to My Foster Family for sharing this free learning opportunity for foster carers. Registration link and details: HERE

Children’s books and stories to celebrate the holy month of Ramadam:

About Ramadan

We hope you find these resources helpful. Happy Ramadan.

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