Ofsted’s 2023 priorities for social care

Source Ofsted By Yvette Stanley, Posted on: 1 February 2023 

“Our oversight is likely to shed light on the uncomfortable reality – that too many children are currently living without the right kind of everyday safeguards that they should expect from a system that is there to protect and care for them.

“While it may be true that supported accommodation is right for some children, it’s hard to believe that it’s the right option for as many as 7,000 children in care. Few would argue that the lack of suitable care provision across England is not one of the main drivers for the growing reliance on unregulated, semi-independent provision.

“It’s crucial that we continue to use our insights to share truths, however uncomfortable, to leaders and decision-makers in all parts of the system. We will use our powers responsibly and proportionately but, as you’d expect, our first priority will always be children. All of us who have a role in assuring this system (including providers, local authorities, the DfE and Ofsted) will need to oversee these changes with great care. We must share our insights on the impact, and respond appropriately and swiftly to the challenges that emerge along the way.

Another helpful, balanced blog from yvette stanley: Ofsted’s 2023 priorities for social care

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