Enhancing Anti-Racist Practice in services supporting permanence for children and young people

Source CoramBAAF Posted February 2023

Identifying permanence placements for children and young people from Black and Global majority backgrounds and communities can be a challenge, particularly as regards cultural matching and when considering children’s cultural, religious and identity needs, beyond just skin and hair care needs. This session will explore the importance of looking at supporting permanence through an anti-racist lens and when considering the long term needs of Black and Global majority children and young people.

The session will look at the identity needs of children and young people from Black, Asian, Mixed Heritage and Global majority communities, including asylum seeking young people, looking through an intersectional lens. Anti-racist practice within Bi-racial long term placements, cultural matching and building relationships with communities different from our own, to foster better relationships, communication and recruitment of more diverse carers and adopters.
This session will also look at the Adultification of Black and Mixed Heritage children and young people and what also needs to be considered in terms of having uncomfortable conversations about race, racism and how carers and adopters can develop their confidence to challenge injustice, discrimination and racism in a proactive manner.

More information and registration link: HERE https://corambaaf.org.uk/events/edi-exploring-expertise-enhancing-anti-racist-practice-services-supporting-permanence

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