IRO Resources

We are committed to achieving consistently excellent services for children and young people in our care. Feel free to download and adapt any of the resources on this page.

Creative communication

Coming up with ways to communicate and play with children doesn’t have to be stressful or take a lot of time. Our toolkit contains a number of activities you can use with children.

IRO Templates developed and endorsed by NIROMP

NIROMP are currently undertaking a review of the following documents. Updates are planned throughout 2019.

NIROMP’s Resource Bank For IRO Regional Networks

This page contains a mix of audit tools, templates, protocols, standards, flyers and more.


Our library is not completely up to date but does contain a number of interesting reads of relevance to IROs and social care workers. However, we regularly provide links to interesting pieces within our news items / posts.

“An IRO is like an advocate but different, they are there to make sure that your voice is heard. I am asked every time about where, when and who I want there and I make decisions about my meeting! If there were risks in my plan my IRO would take that further”.

They listen. They help get your voice heard. You can share problems and they help solve them. They make sure everyone else does what they’re supposed to and you get what you need. They are an outside person who you can turn to if you are not happy.”

NIROMP consultation (2019): Young people speaking about their IRO.

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