The new Special Guardianship (Amendment) Regulations 2016

Networks-3The new regulations on the assessment of Special Guardianship Orders (SGOs) are set to come into effect on 29 February 2016.

Download the Reg’s here: The Special Guardianship (Amendment) Regulations 2016 

New guidance focuses on strengthening the assessment process. Professionals will now need to evidence the Special Guardian’s relationship with the child, as well as their parenting capacity into the child’s adulthood.

Nigel Priestley of Ridley Hall Solicitors has commented:

“The Government has brought out new regulations in the face of a rise of 193% in Special Guardianship Orders. But there’s no news on better support plans and actual support for struggling Special Guardians”

Read more here

The Special Guardianship (Amendment) Regulations 2016

Anthony Douglas Chief Executive of Cafcass (2015) Permanence for children in care: there can be no one size fits all

Community Care (2016) Special guardianship regulations updated to strengthen assessments

Coram Children’s Legal Advice (2016): Special Guardianships

Suespiciousminds (2016): The new Special Guardianship Regulations

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