Timpson defends exemption clause against ‘unfounded’ concerns

Children’s minister Edward Timpson has rubbished claims that government plans to allow local authorities to apply for exemptions from children’s social care legislation could affect children’s rights or pave the way for privatisation.

Story by Neil Puffett | 24 October 2016 | Children & Young People Now

“Let me be clear: we do not want to privatise child protection services and we will not privatise child protection services.

“Indeed, there are already clear legislative restrictions on the outsourcing of children’s social care functions. It was never the intention to use the power to innovate to revisit those.

“However, to put it beyond doubt, we are amending the Children and Social Work Bill to rule out any use of the power in that way.

“We will not remove fundamental rights or protections from children either. Our aim is to strengthen, not weaken protections.

Read the full story at source: Timpson defends exemption clause against ‘unfounded’ concerns

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