Calling all IROs and IRO Managers to complete our survey please

photo-credit_-coofdy-via-foter-com-_-cc-by-nc-sa-2Family Justice Innovation Working Group

About the group
The group has brought together a range of front line practitioners working in public law. In particular, the group has been looking at post proceedings support for parents and parents reunited with children following public law care proceedings – considering the issues and problems at stake and opportunity to consider change in this area.

We are particularly interested in the matter of post proceedings support for parents and parents reunited with children following public law care proceedings.

Information gathered will be used to look at the strengths as well as problems in this area and to make any recommendations for innovation and improvement in this field. It is expected that this will form part of a larger piece of work to put to the Family Justice Board to consider the issues explored by the Innovation Working Group.

Calling on IRO and IRO Managers to fill in our brief survey

Our brief survey does not take long to complete and the information provided will enable the partnership to provide a national IRO perspective.

Your responses will be anonymised and will assist our contribution to the innovation group.

Lets please make the most of this opportunity to pool knowledge and experience.

Closing date for online responses is Wednesday 16th November 2016.

Please complete our confidential online survey: here

If you have any questions about how this information will be used or what this group aims to do, please feel free to e-mail:

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