On April 4th, the Lords debated the Children and Social Work Bill and passed amendments so that the Bill now includes:

  • Provision for children in England to be placed in secure accommodation in Scotland, and children from Scotland to be placed in England
  • Provision for relationships education in primary schools
  • Provision for relationships and sex education to be provided (instead of sex education) to secondary school pupils

The Bill is now awaiting Royal Assent to become an Act of Parliament.

More at source:

Children and Social Work Bill [HL] 2016-17 : Progress of the Bill 

Ping Pong (Hansard): House of Lords 4 April, 2017 | 04.04.2017 : Children and Social Work Bill [HL]

Ping Pong (Minutes of Proceedings): House of Lords 4 April, 2017 | 04.04.2017 : Minutes of Proceedings of Tuesday 4 April 2017

Our mission is to help bring about improvements in practice and policy. Holding children at the centre of what we do through our work with and for them, we aim to lead and promote excellent care and services. The partnership consists of an elected Chair and elected Regional Leads who represent their regions at a national level (two from each of the nine regions within England).

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