The secret ingredient that makes some teams better than others – TED

Originally published by IDEAS.TED.COM

Effective challenge is an integral part of the Independent Reviewing Officer role, yet knowing the best route to take is not always straightforward – there is rarely just one way to do this and context is everything.

‘In organizations with high degrees of social capital, disagreement doesn’t feel dangerous, it is taken as a sign that you care; the best thinking partners don’t confirm your opinions but build on them’

With all this in mind, this article by Margaret Heffernan makes for a great read.

If we assume that culture defines our approach to practice, it can help consideration of the elements necessary to building more effective, efficient services that allow for and indeed encourage effective challenge. Emphasis is given to the building of ‘social capital’ or what we might more typically define as a relationship-based approach to practice.

Worth reading and discussing with colleagues: The secret ingredient that makes some teams better than others

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