Voices of children: “Give us more support around being bullied” #CareExperienced #AntiBullying #ChooseKindness

Children tell NIROMP they want more support around being bullied and they want more support to make sure children are well cared for at school and college.

“The important thing is to know where you can turn for help whether it be counsellors or the process to move halls etc. Stay strong and don’t let these sorts of people get away with being the way they are either just for amusement or because it makes them feel better!”

– Charlotte, aged 20 as told to BullyingUk @bullyinguk Part of Family Lives

What children told NIROMP about IRO services and how to make sure children and young people with care experience are better supported:


Excellent resources to support professionals and carers understanding of what can be done to help children with school and college can be download below:

encouraging schools to go the extra mile to stop bullying

Learn about Anti-Bullying Week 2019: Change Starts With Us:

Download tools and information provided via the Anti-bullying alliance:

College Senior Credits Supportive Relationships as Essential to Bullying Prevention:

making sure children are well cared for at school and college – schools and the law

By law, all state (not private) schools must have a behaviour policy in place that includes measures to prevent all forms of bullying among pupils.

This policy is decided by the school. All teachers, pupils and parents must be told what it is.

Anti-discrimination law

Schools must also follow anti-discrimination law. This means staff must act to prevent discrimination, harassment and victimisation within the school. This applies to all schools in England and Wales, and most schools in Scotland.

Northern Ireland has different anti-discrimination law.

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