Essential reading: Care Crisis Review

Originally posted on 13.6.18, we are re-posting links to this important review. It needs to be treated as essential reading. 

Family Rights Group have facilited a seven month sector-led Review into the care crisis. The Review is supported by stakeholders within the child welfare and family justice system.

The Review’s aims

  • to examine the reasons for the rise in care proceedings and number of children in care
  • to at all times retain a focus on achieving the best outcomes for children and families
  • to take account of the current national economic, financial, legal and policy context that impacts on families and on local authority and court practice
  • to identify specific changes to local authority and court systems and national and local policies and practices that will help safely stem the increase in the number of care cases coming before the family courts and the number of children in the care system.

Read the Review’s reportsThe Care Crisis Review: Options for Change (2018) London: Family Rights Group

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