Unprecedented review of Scottish care system demands radical overhaul

Today the independent review into Scotland’s care system published its final report.

We at NIROMP applaud all who contributed to Scotland Care Review, most especially the children and people with lived experience. Change is needed across Scotland as it is across England. We look forward to keeping the conversations alive, to shared learning and to hearing more about how #ThePromise is being delivered.

The @TheCareReview is a demand for things to change:

Voice: When children speak, adults must really listen to them. Adults must
make sure that children are included in decisions about their lives.
Family: If children are living with their family and are safe and feel loved, they
should stay there. Their family should be given all the help they need to stay
together. If they need extra help when things get difficult, they should get it.
Care: If children cannot stay with the adults in their family, they will stay with
their brothers and sisters. The home they live in together will be a place where
they feel safe and loved. It should be their home for as long as they want and need
it to be.
People: Relationships are important. Adults must make sure children are
able to stay close to the people they want to and keep in contact with them.
Adults must also help children make new relationships as they grow up. Sometimes
adults need some help too. The adults who are close to children must get the
help they need to make sure they can do their best for children.
Scaffolding: Help and support must be there for children and families whenever
they need it. It must also be there for the adults who are close to children
and families. It is important everyone knows where to go for help and that
it is ready when it is asked for.

NIROMP are rooting for Scotland’s Care Review and all that it stands for. The Promises are full of hope and optimism. The focus on secure love and care, on relationships and raising the voices of children and people with lived experience of care is at the heart of our strategic priorities and associated work plans. We want to see a similar review take place in England with the voices of children and people with lived experience at its heart.

Download the care review reports. The full report is ‘The Promise’ and the short report is ‘The Pinky Promise’:

Link to the press release:

Presentation and video: Scotland’s Care Review & NIROMP chair’s keynote

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