Outcomes of Care Proceedings Research

Outcomes of Care Proceedings Research – England & Wales We are pleased to bring you three short summary reports from the research project on Outcomes of care proceedings before and after the 26-week reforms, led by Prof Judith Masson (University of Bristol) and Prof Jonathan Dickens (University of East Anglia). The three reports cover: Court... Continue Reading →

Contact after adoption | Research in Practice

Research in Practice have a range of great resources available via their website. The resources are open access - free to use.  Topics covered include: Planning and reviewing contact for children during care proceedings and supporting contact once in placement Supporting birth relatives in understanding and maintaining contact for their children Supporting adopters to understand the importance... Continue Reading →

New report on care demand and regional variability | The Centre for Child and Family Justice Research

The Centre for Child and Family Justice Research has launched an important new report on care demand and regional variability. This important new research presents the first published analysis of regional variability, identifying tangible and significant differences. It finds that women, as well as children, in the North, face the highest risk of care proceedings in... Continue Reading →

Local Authority unlawfully caring for child for four years (section 20 abuse) | By @suesspiciousmin 

Thank you @suesspiciousmin for this important read for IROs and all. This matter concerns child CD - section 20 accommodated on 14th October 2009. On 28 March 2010, the mother wrote to the local authority formally to withdraw her consent to CD remaining accommodated.  The local authority did not act on this withdrawal of consent and, instead, advised the mother... Continue Reading →

Responsibilities of the Agency Decision Maker for adoption @suesspiciousmin

Everyone would agree that local authorities have statutory care planning and review obligations and that includes consideration of the adverse impact on a child of delay. With this in mind, here's an interesting read ... 132.I appreciate that the Agency Decision Makers are very busy and the potential advantages both in saving time and resources,... Continue Reading →

Not in front of the children. — wearefamily

We were getting to the end of our assessment and panel was rapidly approaching, it had been long, intense and surprisingly emotional. We had a great social worker who we felt we got along with very well and who we found to be professional and very capable. Suddenly we hit a huge stumbling block and […]... Continue Reading →


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