Relinquished baby

IROs and social workers will be interested to read this piece about relinquished babies.

Relinquished baby, chapter and some verses

Author: suesspiciousminds First posted: 8 Mar 2016 via suesspiciousminds 

‘I just ended up doing this long summary of the various issues that arise and where to find the answers in case law, so I thought it might be helpful for more general use. It is too bony to serve as a skeleton, but it might help people as a starting point, because the answers are fairly scattered across a variety of cases.

Our starting point is that for a genuine relinquished baby, where both parents consent, “nothing else will do” does not apply’.

Thank you suesspiciousminds for another great post.

Read in full here: Relinquished baby, chapter and some verses

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