Human trafficking: is our system for combating it fit for purpose? — UK Human Rights Blog

Human trafficking or modern slavery is one of the most appalling forms of criminal activity today. It’s also one of the most widespread and fastest-growing. The International Labour Organisation believes that at any one time at least 40.3 million people around the world are being coerced into a situation of exploitation or made to work… Read... Continue Reading →

Westminster Hall Debate on findings of the Care Crisis Review House of Commons – 5 September 2018

The increase in care applications highlighted by the Care Crisis review is alarming. However, it must be set within the wider context of rising demand and pressure across the children’s social care system, which illustrates the growing number of children and families who now rely on state support. Read at source: Westminster Hall Debate on findings... Continue Reading →

Social media response to joint letter to Minister over so-called ‘Myth busting’ guide

Joint letter to the Minister and the list of signatories Firstly NIROMP wishes to give recognition and thanks to Article 39 and their legal advisors for analysing and responding to this government document, which was published without consultation. Carolyne Willow, Director of Article 39 co-ordinated the joint letter with 50 signatories including NIROMP. She said: “It... Continue Reading →

Concern expressed over “misleading” myth-busting guide

NIROMP has joined forces with 49 other organisations and social work experts to urge the withdrawal of key sections of new ‘myth busting’ guide about England's care system. The so-called 'myth busting' guidance is on the Children’s Social Care Innovation site.The joint letter was sent to the Minister for Children and Families today, and copied to... Continue Reading →

Help get the voices of young people heard

UK Youth Parliament has launched the UK's largest survey of young people The UK Youth Parliament has launched a Make your mark survey of the views of young people aged 11-18. Young people are invited to take part in the ballot to decide what members of the UK Youth Parliament should debate and vote on... Continue Reading →

A brilliant new online resource for children and young people

A brilliant new online resource  Rights4children has been launched by Article 39. Please share and help publicise this brilliant new resource for children and young people!  Called rights4children, the site is packed with information about children’s rights, on topics important to them. It has drawn on the expert advise of children and young people (see Roll of honour ). The... Continue Reading →

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