Empowering BME social workers to climb up the ladder @BASW_UK @ProsperaTedam

ZUKSWA - I Can Conference Empowering BME social workers to climb up the ladder. For IROs, social workers, student social workers and those who would like to be social workers. Registration fee includes conference fee and lunch. Conference - 10am -1pm Workshop - 2pm-4pm BASW members receive 10% off ticket price. For further information and... Continue Reading →

Improving care leavers access and participation in higher education

First published by the Department for Education on 14 March 2019. A new Policy paper has been published by the Department for Education: Principles to guide HE providers on improving care leavers access and participation in HE Details The guiding principles will support Higher Education (HE) providers to develop their offer for care leavers to... Continue Reading →

#LGBT youth in care resources

It has become clear that there is very limited information for or about LGBTQI young people in care. There is an ad hoc, react as we go approach across many local authorities, care agencies, foster carers, social workers and health professionals. Some may be doing excellent work but it has been hard to identify that... Continue Reading →

Surge in proportion of black, Asian and ethnic minority children in custody | Children & Young People Now

Originally published by Children & Young People Now on 08 June 2018 | Author Neil Puffett Nearly half of children in custody are now black, Asian or from an ethnic minority (BAME), despite efforts to tackle their disproportional over-representation within the youth justice system, government figures show. More than 48 per cent of under-18s in custody... Continue Reading →

Foster families who ignore race are participating in a pernicious form of racism | Media Diversified #cep

Derek Owusu draws on personal experiences to argue that there needs to be more education about the needs of black children when being fostered I was eight years old when I first realised I was black. Before that, all I saw myself as was a ‘different kind of person’.  No colour attached, but of course, visibly... Continue Reading →

Workplace Diversity

Ian Thomas (formerly DCS at Rotherham, now Chief Executive at Lewisham) has called for positive action to address 'the worrying trend regards the low percentage of black, asian and minority ethnic (BAME) senior leaders in local government'. 'for decades, BAME colleagues have been under-represented at this level within the sector'. - Ian Thomas, writing in the Musical... Continue Reading →


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