The Care Leavers Christmas 2018 | Aine Kelly #cep

The Care Leavers Christmas 2018 by Aine Kelly in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England: Megan and I are care leavers and we are trying to create a Christmas for other care leavers who will be spending Christmas alone. Nobody deserves to feel alone at Christmas! In 2016 we both attended the Oxfordshire Care Leavers Christmas – which some of you may remember.... Continue Reading →

On Social Workers | By Lemn Sissay

Originally posted on December 1, 2018 by Lemn Sissay  Shouldn’t our government and the well being of society be assessed above all by how it treats its child, the child in its care?  If the answer is yes then it stands to reason  that social workers should be the highest paid workers  in local government.... Continue Reading →

How a care-leaver self-published his childhood story and was invited to European Parliament | Ben Westwood

How a care-leaver self-published his childhood story and was invited to European Parliament Please watch and share: In less than a year debut-author, street musician and care-leaver Ben Westwood’s book Poems From a Runaway has gone from strength-to-strength as social workers, foster parents, missing children’s charities and safeguarding boards embrace his... Continue Reading →

Care leavers’ views on their transition to adulthood | Coram Voice

In 2017 Coram Voice conducted a rapid review of around 80 UK studies that explored care leavers’ own accounts of their experiences and feelings. This is a summary of the key themes and issues that emerged from the review. The quotes used in this review are from the young people interviewed or consulted in the... Continue Reading →

Scholarships for care leavers or young people estranged from their family No rent, no bills, 365 days a year for 3 years.   The Unite Foundation provides scholarship opportunities for young people aged 25 years or under who are care leavers or are estranged from their family. Taking care of a place for the young person to live whilst they’re at university and leaving them free to... Continue Reading →

Guest post | My thoughts on the role of the IRO | By Ian Dickson

The views expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the National IRO Managers Partnership.  Guest post by Ian Dickson on June 3, 2018 I am a care experienced person. I am also a social worker, and one who spent years managing and then inspecting residential services. One... Continue Reading →

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